A Fully Optimized Server

We can set up your new server for you !

- Secured with a firewall,- CMS & Controlpanel pre-installed,- Fully optimized for advanced caching

We prepare the server and hand you back a turn-key environment for your next project

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Deploy a new Server

What We Do

We prepare your new server for your next project. Let us handle the installation and updates of the system and make sure it's fast and secure. Feel free to reach out to us !

Install Webserver & More

We install a webserver of choice (Apache / Nginx), an SSH server and optionally a Mailserver and OpenVPN for extra security !

Set Up Advanced Caching

We set everthing up for optimal caching. With Nginx built-in caching mechanism or Varnish and add Redis Object Caching for object and transients.


We set a strict firewall with automatic IP banning and add user notifications so you are aware of any brute-force attacks.

Load Balancing

Got large amounts of concurrent visitors ? A load balancer can make sure the load is spread over multiple servers so speeds don't suffer.


Deploy your new VPS / Dedicated Server with Optimal Configuration

Let us set up your new server and get a turn-key environment for you new project. We install all the tools you need, secure everything and even install your desired control panel and CMS.

Please note that in order to take advantage of this service, you need to have an unmanaged VPS or Dedicated server. Our custom optimizations and settings are not available on Shared Hosting & Managed VPS packages.

*Controlpanel licenses for applications like Cpanel and Plesk are not included.

Basic Server

Most Popular
95 One Time
  • Basic Webserver
  • Prepared for Optimal Caching
  • Secure SSH
  • TMUX + ZSH + Powerline Set Up
  • CMS Pre-Installed
  • Fail2Ban + Notifications
  • Optional: Control Panel*

Custom Server

?One Time
  • Server Clusters / Nodes
  • Loadbalancing
  • Secure SSH
  • Firewall
  • Mailserver
  • Custom Tasks

The Perfect Terminal Environment

If you're like me, then you probably feel home in the command line terminal. All our deployment services include a optimized terminal environment. Work efficiently and comfortably on your project


We install vim with several plugins to improve your productivity and to give it a visually enhanced look.


We install and set up Fail2Ban to automatically ban IP addresses that try to brute-force their way it. Optionally with email/pushover notifications so you're aware of attacks.

User Management

We create all the required users you need with the correct privileges. We take advantage of sudo and the sudoers group, so only the right user account can escalate their privileges to perform administrative tasks.


The superfast terminal multiplexer! An absolute musthave for efficient administrators. We set it up so it automatically starts / attaches when you login.


We install powerline for Zsh, Tmux and Vim to give your terminal a polished and appealing look.


My personal preference of shell environment. Bundled with Oh-My-Zsh you can leverage powerful tools to your command line, like aliases, themes, scripts and GIT support.


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