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Here are some examples of my past projects. The list is not exhaustive. See anything you like ? Contact me if you have any request for your own site.

Camping Nederrijkswald

camping nederrijkswald

I was hired to create a new site for a camping site in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. This site was created using WordPress with a custom theme using TailwindCSS and a sprinkle of Alpine JS. The result is a blazing fast website passing all Core Web Vitals !

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A volunteer project for an Android app called nzb360 which I often use. The developer has created an amazing UI/UX experience and follows all the Android design guidelines. The app makes managing your usenet related services an absolute breeze. Can't wait to download my next.. uhm.. Ubuntu.iso file!

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This is another COVID19 testing website. Get your results the very same day with a travel document. Planning a vacation abroad ? Well you might want one of those as they're a required document for passage. Needless to say I managed to create a very fast loading site with an amazing design provided by a professional designer

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Sneltest Nu

sneltest nu

A returning client hired me again for this white label project and tasked me to create a new site for Coronasneltestdirect, a site where you can book an appointment for a rush COVID-19 test. It was made using Oxygen Builder and resulted in a clean and very fast website.

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Gratis Sneltesten

gratis sneltesten

Gratis Sneltest is a (white label) website where employers can sign up and have their co-workers tested for free ! Subsidized by the Dutch government it has become quite popular. Better to be safe than sorry and prevent any outbreaks in your working environment by testing yourself in time.

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PCR Spoedtest

pcr spoedtest

I was hired for this white label project and got tasked to create a new site for PCR Spoedtest, a site where you can book an appointment for a rush COVID-19 test. It a one-page site built with Oxygen.

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Jan Makelaar

jan makelaar

Jan Makelaar is a demo site built with Oxygen Builder. It's an example of my own taste for the kind of websites I like to build. The project also uses Custom Post Types for the properties and Advanced Custom Fields for the client-defined specifications of the properties. View a full page screenshot by clicking the button below.

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Buon Giorno

buon giorno

Buon Giorno is another demo site built with Oxygen Builder. This time I created a website for a fictional Italian Restaurant and using Advanced Custom Fields for the menu so it's easy for the client to manage it. View a full page screenshot by clicking the button below.

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Het Budak College

het budak college

Het Budak College is a educational organization that focuses on teaching immigrants the Dutch language, and to improve on existing lingual skills. The website was made using the Avada theme.

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Real Dutch Food

real dutch food

I was hired by RealDutchFood to improve the pagespeed in general and re-design the homepage. A relatively small task for a returning client. Their website is an e-commerce store selling Dutch products all around the world.

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Max Küppers

max kuppers

This was a white label development project for a UX/UI designer I collaborate with frequently. The website is to promote the business of a life coach specializing in therapy, job coaching and consultation. This site uses the Avada theme.

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Graauwmans Advies

graauwmans advies

This was a white label development project for a UX/UI designer I collaborate with frequently. The website is to promote the business of a financial consultant. This site uses the Avada theme.

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VK Vastgoed

vk vastgoed

For this project I was hired to create a website for an owners association. The website serves to inform the visitor of the available services as well as a complex calculator to estimate the cost of these services.

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The World of Coffee

the world of coffee

A client reached out to me to have a website developed for her coffee & foodtruck, and as a place to sell her own coffee beans. The results is If you're looking for freshly roasted coffee beans, look no further :)

Offline :(

Super Shoes

super shoes

Super Shoes was an physical store that required an e-commerce platform as well. The result was a WooCommerce shop with the Flatsome theme. Super Shoes has ceased operations in 2020.

Offline :(

What others say


Read what my past clients have to say about me ! I strive for excellent service and high availability. I can't work miracles, but I always do my best ;)

wout reinders
Wout ReindersDikke Huisstijl

I've worked with Christian for several projects now, and I'm very impressed. He responds fast and works independant and quick.

sam burke
Sam BurkeBoostbox Office

Christian has been helping me with my projects for quite some time now. He's always there when you need him and always has a solution.

Arbaaz Sha Muzawer
Arbaaz Sha MuzawerCustom Elements

We got amazing support from Christian. He gets to the core of the issue with his deep practical knowledge and solves it for you. We are really satisfied working with him.

sebastian pigge
Sebastian PiggeLuba GmbH

We frequently come to Christian with new projects and he is always upfront with his abilities and limitations on everything we propose to him. This meant we've always been exceptionally satisfied with his work. In fact, most of the time Christian comes up with better ways to do something during the early stages of development which turn out to be incredibly valuable later down the road. His coding is exceptionally tidy making it very easy to follow, alter and improve upon months or even years later.

Michel Schönhage
Michel SchönhageInternetbureau Jun-E-Jay

I used Christian multiple times in the past few weeks and his knowledge on how to improve the pagespeed on the sites of our clients. He always responds promptly and with solid points of improvement which allows us to act fast and make our projects load faster.

hetty van der wal
Hetty van der WalMediamora

Christian has helped me a lot with the speed of my website several times. The problem was often difficult for me to figure out, but Christian quickly solved it. He understands a lot of the technology behind it and he knows what he is talking about. If you are experiencing problems with the speed of your website, I would definitely recommend him! Thank you!

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