Speed Up Your Site !

Many people underestimate the importance of page speeds. Slow websites cause frustration which will likely result in the visitor leaving your site. This is something you do not want, especially with e-Commerce sites.

We can help you improve you page speeds by fine-tuning your site and server settings.

Feel free to contact us, we don't bite !

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How we do it

We use some basic strategies to improve your page speeds like caching, compression and image optimization.
However, unlike most of our competitors, we don't just stop there ! We thrive for the best results possible, so we dig into the code and try to find even more oppurtunities to make your site faster, like replacing old plugins and functions, or removing unused code.

Server Side Caching

Implementing page caching through Nginx natively, or through CMS extensions

Client Side Caching

Leverage browser caching so certain elements are stored for future navigation

Image Optimization

Resize, convert and compress media, so it's parsed faster

Redis Object Caching

Use a Redis database to store objects and transients for popular PHP & SQL queries


Gzip and/or Brotli compression to serve pages and media faster to your visitors

CSS/JS Optimization & Deferring

Combine and inline JS & CSS files, and defer them for faster 'above the fold' loading


Fast page speeds are vital !

Prevent visitors from leaving your site out of frustration because they keep waiting on pages to load. Optimal page speeds are vital to user satisfaction, ranking and conversion ratios

- Slow page speeds can result in a lower ranking,- Optimized page speeds increase conversions for e-Commerce,- 53% of visits to mobile sites are abandoned after 3 seconds,- 52% of online shoppers claim that quick page loads are important for their loyalty to a site,- Pagespeed can have a direct impact on your Adwords campaign and Quality
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1. Research

First we take a look at your site to see if there is room for improvement. We analyze images, script, stylesheets and server timings

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2. Optimizing

We optimize your page speeds to the best of our ability. Caching, compression, image optimization and much more

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3. Report

We report back to you with the final result and a before/after comparison. We aim for high scores in Pagespeed, but the actual page load times are what's most important!